The Fractured Dimension’s new album featuring Vishal J.Singh and Kasturi Nath Singh

April 11, 2015


In words of Fractured Dimension’s mainman Jimmy Pitts :
For the past seven years we have been putting together the followup to our debut cd, Towards the Mysterium, and assembling some of the very best musicians in the progressive metal and fusion scene to do so. Now, we are all set for the final mix on April 4th, and after so many years and thousands of dollars invested, we could use your help to bring the next The Fractured Dimension cd, Galaxy Mechanics, into reality. The musicians who have created Galaxy Mechanics are:

Jimmy Pitts (keys), Jerry Twyford (bass), Hannes Grossmann (drums), Vishal J Singh, Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager, and Tom Kopyto on guitars, Joe Deninzon (violin), Kasturi Nath Singh (Indian Classical Fusion Vocals), and guest guitar solos by Christian Muenzner, Marcel Coenen, Alex Machacek, Mike Abdow, Pete Pachio, Aaron Roten, Bill Bruce, and Jeremy Barnes.

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Kasturi Nath Singh and Vishal J. Singh releases debut World/Fusion album

April 11, 2015

Hi everyone,

“Tumake Xuori” is now available to purchase on our Bandcamp Page.
Tumake Xuori Bandcamp:
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“Tumake Xuori” is an Assamese modern fusion/world/jazz album that consists of songs composed by veteran music composer/multi instrumentalist Prasanta Kumar Nath. Except song #1 “Savera” which is composed and written by Kasturi Nath Singh herself, all words and lyrics in rest of the songs are written by Khanin Borkotoky and Hemanta Goswami.

Vocals, Composition : Kasturi Nath Singh
Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer and Backing/Ethnic Vocals, Music arrangement and production : Vishal J.Singh (Younger son of Kasturi Nath Singh).
“Special thanks to Andrey Sazonov from Moscow, Russia for his beautiful woodwind (recorder, flute) performance. Andrey is one of the most gifted multi-instrumentalists we’ve ever met. Not just that, he is one of the kindest human beings who is always willing to help. May God give him more success and love,” – Kasturi Nath Singh.
Thanks to Dilip Nair for the beautiful photography. Also thanks to Abinash Mazumdar for portfolio photography. Album Artwork made by Abhijit Dutta.

Except track #1 “Savera” and #4 “Xerua xubakh (A tribute to Late Jayanta Hazarika”, ” these songs were written and performed during 70′s. Vishal J.Singh (Critically acclaimed International Music Producer/Guitarist and founder member of Avant-Garde Jazz metal band “Amogh Symphony”) and singer/composer Kasturi Nath Singh (who is also mother of Vishal and sister of Prasanta Kumar Nath) decided to make modern fusion version of these lost songs. The full album has total 7 songs all composed by Music Director Prasanta Kumar Nath in collaboration with various veteran Lyricists in Assamese music Industry (except 1 Hindi song composed and written by Kasturi Nath Singh).

“Moi kunu xu gayeeka nohoi. Oteetok ajuri aani jiyaye rokhar prosesta mathu mur. Mur dangor dada’r xurarupito geet bur hojib korar maanoxerey geet kaitimaan baaniboddho kori sutar usorot bilai dilu. Adori lole jaanim mur dangor dada Sri Prasanta Kumar Nath ejon hoisai xoktixali hongeetogyo. Risey adorilole xeyaye hobo mur baabe aaxirbaad aru dada’r proti shrodhaanjoli. Dhonyobaad.” – Kasturi Nath Singh

“This album is a very special experience to me. Musically, the idea was to do “less” instrumentation and “less” layering while creating songs that creates perfect atmosphere with gentle vibe of soberness and good nostalgic moments of listeners. While arranging this album, I made sure that the songs remain the same in sequence and order, without losing it’s originality. This is my first assamese album (Considering Vectorscan is an experimental record). My intention in this record is to create a bridge between veteran music composers and modern new age music producers (which is not a new thing but I just tried to do the connection properly). Hope you guys enjoy. Thank you all.” – Vishal J.Singh

We would like to thank Sai Baba, our Guru Dr. B.K Mukherjee and everyone who helped us in making this album. A big hug and thanks to our beautiful family and friends Prasanta Kumar Nath, Anuradha Das, Pradip Das, Rina Nath, Monojit Nath, Late Deben Das, Andrey Sazonov, Jim Richman, Vikramjit Singh, Abhijit “Appu” Dutta, Our photographers Abinash Mazumdar and amazingly talented friend and photographer Dilip Nair.

This is just the beginning. We hope you enjoy listening this album as much as we enjoyed making it. Om Ganeshaye Namaha.

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September 28, 2014

“TOL : What goes in your mind when you write or produce music with others(Bollywood, collaboration with other musicians, jingles etc)? Can you briefly explain?

Vishal : I just mix and match creative ideas when I work with others. As in, when I play guitars in a song of collaboration, I play what the song needs. Not over the top, not less, but medium. If the artist want to go crazy, I will go crazy too in the song. It’s like hanging out with different types of people. In Amogh Symphony… me, Jim and Andrey match our levels of madness….ummm…illusion image is like thrashing a hotel.”

Temple of Lunar :

“Though I am pretty sure anybody who liked earlier Amogh Symphony albums (Abolishing the Obsolete System, The Quantum Hack Code) will purely dislike the new album.” – Vishal’s interview with Siddharth Basrur about their post rock collaboration.

Soundtree Magazine :

This album is more like a soundtrack to a movie rather than a ‘regular’ album. When you watch movies, you’re not after details. You need the atmosphere and the idea. And we’re delivering both.” – Andrey Sazonov

Vectorscan is the polar opposite of TQHC.  And also there are jazz, 10% metal, lo-fi electronic, etc. etc. But all in a background music score or soundtrack format.” – Jim Richman

Marunouchi Muzik Magazine, Japan :