FOR INDIAN FANS : New batch of “Vectorscan” Tees are now available in India

May 15, 2016


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FOR INDIAN FANS : New batch of “Vectorscan” Tees are now available. Already shipped to India. Those who ordered for new prints will get the shipments to their doors immediately. We also got some extra 100 CD copies of “Vectorscan” packed in the shipment. “Some” may expect custom picks and drumsticks with signatures on it.

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Song #2 “Aai” from new album is up on our Bandcamp + Album Track list

January 9, 2016

Hi guys,

This is the second track called Aai(Click here) of the upcoming album “IV”. We will let you know when the full album is out. Hope you enjoy.

And here goes the Tracklist of “IV” :

1. Good morning.
2. Aai.
3. You have an appointment today.
4. Mujhe bhi joker banna hai.
5. Catch the train before they drop the bomb.
6. Capturing Poltergeist.
7. Low-Fi life of a Cyborg who loved a Goddess once.
8. Rebelião.
9. Blindness for kindness, never ending run to the sun.
10. Tuponi.




Jim Richman : Drums, Engineering/Mixing.
Derick Gomes : Synth, Percussion, Electronics, Engineering/Mixing.
Andrey Sazonov : Accordion, E-Piano, Balalaika and Violin.
Vishal J.Singh : Microtonal Semi acoustic guitar, Tokari(2 strings), Electric Guitar, Guitar synth, Strings orchestration, Bass, Engineering/Mixing.Goregaon Brass Orchestra : Horns(Nandan : Clarinet, Raju : Tenor Sax, Vilas : Alto Sax, Raja : Trumpet)
Deep Saikia : Pepa tribal hornArt by Derick Gomes.

About Aai and “IV”

“Aai” is common Indian word, found in Marathi as well as in Assamese, for Mother. This song’s concept can be seen from different angles but in the same parameter/dynamics/flow. A very simple and short story expressed without words.  From one angle, “Aai” is about motherhood we see in Animal kingdom. From another angle, “Aai” is about the tradition of Mother Goddess worship in various ethnicity/civilization. In a mystic angle of view, “Aai” is about Tantric practice on a person who is believed to be possessed by a Goddess. In Christianity, its a general case of Demonic possession for which Exorcism is practiced.

The song, in another angle of view, tells about how Onamika gives birth to a baby. Emotional attachment of mother with her newly born baby. Raising the baby to a kid. Teaching culture, about life to her son. She prays for her son.  Mystic form of mother when she finds out that her child is hurt by evil. She takes demonic avatar(Goddess Kali). When mother nature changes with her mood and creates confusion. Her aggressive form destroys everything that comes on her way. Finally, she finds her son all well. Couldn’t control her emotion and returns back to her mother love of kindness and gentleness.

“IV” is our forth upcoming album. This time instead of joining many songs to tell one story, we decided to treat each song as one story. Because we are already “been there, done that” with darker themes and sci-fi concept albums, this time we focus towards simpler yet ignored stories. Each song is like soundtrack of a short film. We can’t wait to share this album with you guys. Till then, let us know how do you feel about “Aai” and the plan. Email us your feedback at




Vishal, Jim, Andrey and Derick.


4th new album update + Welcome Derick Gomes as 4th new AS member

October 18, 2015


Hello Everyone,

 We welcome Amogh Symphony’s fourth new member/composer Derick Savio Gomes aka  “/Err” from Lisbon, Portugal. Derick is Indian mixed Portuguese, an excellent sound designer, a superb vocalist and lyricist, a very creative Electronic music  artist who is known for his very unique skill of using random field recordings to replace sound samples in MIDI and wav for experimental  Low-Fi electronic music.  I found Derick or you can say Derick found me during making of Soundtracks of Anurag Kashyap’s movie “Gangs of Wasseypur Pt.1 and pt.2”. Our good friend(also Music Director of Gangs of Wasseypur OST) Sneha Khanwalkar connected all of us under one roof. Derick is also the main mind behind MTV Sound Trippin’ hosted by Sneha. We brought super Sound Scientist and Visual FX guy Venkatesh Iyer on board and decided to form an Electronic Pop Trio called SUPERZERO. During sessions, I got to know Derick’s mindblowing ways to compose, produce and perform experimental electronic music. Jim, me and Andrey were talking about having someone as a new addition to our composers line-up and Derick fits in perfectly.


Amogh Symphony 4 welcomes Derick Savio Gomes

Amogh Symphony 4 welcomes Derick Savio Gomes

Visit Derick’s website to know more about him :

There are 4 things common among all four of us i.e me, Jim Richman, Andrey Sazonov and Derick Gomes-

  1. We all are session musicians/composers/producers.
  2. Multi-genre and freaked out.
  3. Experienced in music conducting/production in Ads, Games and Films. Basically, music scores based on storyline and visuals.
  4. Four vocalists of different singing styles playing instruments in an Instrumental Band.

We are currently working on our fourth studio album with some brilliant street/village musicians. Derick’s addition to line-up brings a huge difference in composition and production approach. Hope you guys will like the fourth new studio album.

andrey jim


 Oh! And the album is …umm…something like ATOS + TQHC + Vectorscan. So all you guys who missed the heavy parts, its back altogether. Thanks for your patience. Let’s unite the World with music. :)


- Vishal