Masterclass at True School of Music(Mumbai) by Vishal J.Singh : Music Composition and Production

January 13, 2017



Join Vishal as he takes you through the Indie and Commercial music business and market.

Date of Event : 3rd February 2017

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Peter spoke to Vishal about the album, his work as a producer and composer and also his other projects. Read full interview

December 16, 2016





“Sometimes music theory is used for certain parts but mostly theories are not used because then you start seeing borderlines while composing. If the intention is to cross that line in your mind, then first you need to know what new improvised or planned out “idea or concept” in your composition will let you to cross nicely to blend with earlier musical theory. Let’s give you a small example – It’s like making a driller out of diamonds, because diamonds are sharp and tough but not sharp enough to drill into the deep ground to search crude oil. If you combined rotating wheels with diamonds attached to form cutter rings attached to a heavy metallic non-rusting armor, then it can cut any solid rock like things deep underground.”

-  Vishal stated in the interview with Peter Kotikalapudi

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FOR INDIAN FANS : New batch of “Vectorscan” Tees are now available in India

May 15, 2016


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FOR INDIAN FANS : New batch of “Vectorscan” Tees are now available. Already shipped to India. Those who ordered for new prints will get the shipments to their doors immediately. We also got some extra 100 CD copies of “Vectorscan” packed in the shipment. “Some” may expect custom picks and drumsticks with signatures on it.

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