Amogh Symphony – Vectorscan (Teaser) + Tracklist + Credits

June 29, 2014

Amogh Symphony’s third studio album “Vectorscan” teaser (2014) is up. This version is edited by Vishal.

Another version of the same teaser edited by Andrey.

Also, find credits. Soon, we will put details about pre-order.



  1. Desolate  (0.00 – 2.26)
  2. Junaki, Osinaki. Dhumuha, Saki. (2.27 – 7:49)
  3. Consume ectoplasm before it runs, resume chakras because it burns. (7:51 – 9:33)
  4. Bliss of the weak, strength to the peak, teach for humble, soil will rumble. (9:34 – 14:27)
  5. We are here, they are here, sector of nectar, feeding  vector.(14:28 – 15:50)
  6. 1289, voyeur will shine, fight for distinction, evolution is mine. (15:51 – 22:05)
  7. Osir. (22:06 – 24:09)
  8. Mayamohey bhora, aey dhorat. (24:10 – 30:06)
  9. Tongue of fire, burning wings, torment dormant, breaking black rings/Karna from 12 a.m. till Sunset. (30:07-36:19)
  10. Weather report, shortening of days, change their minds, clash of rays. (36:20 – 40:43)
  11. Maatir manuh ami, Maatirey jibon, matirey gao joyogaan.(40:44 – 47:51)
  12. Onamika(47:52 – 53:37)



Amogh Symphony’s new album MASTERING DONE!!

June 25, 2014

The 3rd Amogh Symphony has been mastered. And it is safe to say that it is FINISHED. I have listened to it many times on multiple systems and it sounds insane.

All of you who were afraid of it being brickwalled — there is no need to worry. We have maximum dynamic range at a level that is good enough to crank your system and make it loud and clear.

I have never been more excited (or excited at all) about anything I have ever done with my drums and mastering.

In our next post, we will update with sampler, pre-order and more.

Sincerely, Jim



“Talking about production, the overall mix of this album has a time
machine influence – From 1940s Record player/LP production to 2014
modern production. Lots of bit reduction and Low-Fi and analog tape
saturation with glossy modern prog rock and electronic sound. You can
say it’s a concrete joint experimental effort by a team of
multi-instrumentalists, poet, ethnic singers, storyboard writer and
sound engineers from different backgrounds of music and cinema.”

- Vishal’s response to Metalbase India

Amogh Symphony’s third studio album update

June 24, 2014


Amogh Symphony (Studio Lineup in this third studio album) : 

Andrey Sazonov – Keyboards, Piano, Synth, Guitar with Bow, Guqin Guitar Hybrid, Hangs, Saxophone, Harmonica, Violin, Accordion, Tribal vocals and Soundscape programming PLUS Lots of engineering.

Jim Richman – Drums, Percussion. PLUS Lots of engineering and Audio Mastering.

Vishal J. Singh – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Santoor-Guitar hybrid, Electric Bass, Guitar Synth, Orchestral String programming via Synth Guitar, Hawaiin and Slide guitar, Soundscape programming, Synth and Electric Piano. PLUS Lots of engineering.

Shankar Das – Microtonal Trumpet

Kasturi Singh (Vishal J Singh’s mother) – Vocals (Traditional assamese, Opera and Classical).

Lyrics written by Vishal J. Singh‘s belated Grandma Songwriter/Pianist/Hawaain Guitarist/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist Late Labanya Prabha Nath in 1941 taken from her book of songs.

Youri Raymond – Baritone Vocals(Meditation chants). Recorded by Mathieu Marcotte (Augury, Humanoid).

Goregaon Detuned/Microtonal Brass Orchestra – Live recorded by Venkat Iyer. Arranged by Vishal J.Singh

Nikhil Nandakumar – Microtonal harmony Carnatic Violin (recorded by Ariel Samson of Paradigm Shift)

Cicada Chorus Rhythm section from the woods of Virginia – Recorded by Jim Richman. Engineered later to Soundscape and loop by Vishal J.Singh. Additional FOLEY/ambience recorded by Andy Nesbitt.

Manas Chowdhary (Guest bass appearance in 1 track) – Microtonal/Fretless Bass, Electric bass

This album was recorded in 8 different studios including 4 bedroom studios and 4 professional studios.

All tracks produced by Vishal J.Singh, Andrey Sazonov and Jim Richman.

All tracks arranged and mixed by Vishal J.Singh.

Audio Mastering done by Jim Richman.Coming soon