Top Indian Indie Music Producers of 2017 nominated by Rolling Stone Magazine(India)

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Vishal J.Singh is listed among top indie music/record producers of India.


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Vishal has produced and composed music in ads for several big brands such as Tata Housing, SBI, ICICI, Habib, Leopard, Jaguar, Mahindra and many more. He also produced albums, EPs and singles of several bands and artists like Paradigm Shift, Daira, Harshad Shetty, Paratra, One by Two, Zen Method and many more. Not only that, Vishal also composed and produced soundtracks and background music in films Gangs of Wasseypur(Part 1 and part 2), Mirror Game, Dvandva, Hanuman, Tandra, Dishkiyaaon and many more.




New official email + Website upgrading + Album “IV” update

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Hello Friends,

This is a short message to inform all that our band email has been hacked and password has been changed by someone very recently. Hence, for any booking/music/review/interview/pre-order related enquiry, drop your email to



Amogh Symphony IV

Amogh Symphony IV

 Amogh Symphony IV are :

Derick Gomes : Synth, Launchpad, Sound Designing, Vocals, Ukulele

Tom Geldschlager : Oud, Fretless Guitar, Vocals

Andrey Sazonov : Prepared Guqin-Guitar, Prepared microtonal string instruments, Violin, Koto, Zither, Piano, Keys, Flutes, Vocals

Vishal J.Singh : Guitars, Drums, Microtonal Ethnic Guitar, Guitar-Synthesizer, Vocals


Additional musicians are :

Kasturi Nath Singh : Traditional Assamese and Sanskrit vocals

Deep Saikia : Pepa(Assamese wind instrument)

Writam Changkakoti : Tabla

Goregaon Brass Orchestra : Horns and Brasses



As you can see, our official Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music and CDBaby are also not available anymore. We are freshly putting up everything new soon with newly upgraded Website launch.

Stay tuned. Have a great day/night/afternoon.

- Andrey, Vishal, Tom and Derick

Peura – The Red Notebook

May 2, 2017 in News by as_admin

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I am 2 days late to write and share but i guess its better late than never. This is going to be a slightly longer post.
Last monsoon in 2016, the manly, lady-killer, baritone, (I named him “polished version of Peter Steele and Chris Isaac”) singer-songwriter/guitarist from Gdynia(Poland) had sent me old Feathers of Jatinga tracks with his vocals+lyrics on them with a mail saying that he is amogh symphony fan and he loved feathers of jatinga tracks on Soundcloud that he couldn’t stop singing to them. The man is called Svah Vighar. (I misspelled his name “Swag wigger” a few times).
Sometimes due to strict deadlines in studio projects, i literally get no time to focus on any other things except crashing on bed and early morning poop/shower/breakfast. After seeing no reply from my end, he messaged me again and finally after 2 months, i got the time to check out with a clearer head-space. I was totally blown away and i was laughing at myself for being such an idiot for not checking out his emails regularly(he sent around 10-20 emails by then).
I asked him if he had any written songs and he sent me his solo recordings which he composed years ago. Songs were mostly in Polish and he translated all the lyrics to English. The very next step was fusing the music arrangements of Feathers into these sing along songs. I wasn’t satisfied with the arrangement and production because i have a habit of not repeating things in songwriting/song arrangement. Hence, I asked my very good friend and one of my favorite American pop/hip-hop producers(who is also a fantastic multi-instrumentalist) called Jake Linder to join us on Piano and Keys. He added a complete new life to the songs post my guitar parts. (Jake and me are working on a pop single featuring an excellent female crooner from Mumbai about which i cannot discuss about at the moment)
I requested Svavighar to change the band/project name from Feathers of Jatinga to something else. He suggested “Peura“. These songs were written on his red notebook and so I named it “The Red Notebook”. Well, that’s the story till now.
We’ve released the very first song “Bestariusz” off the debut EP entitled “The Red Notebook” which you guys can stream on
“Red Notebook” will be officially out on May 7th, 2017 via Vmbrella. We hope you guys will like this album as much as we enjoyed making it.
Special thanks to the amazing Chelsea SimpsonVasiliy Kuznetsov and Fatum Black for the artwork and additional coloring, respectively. And my homie Andrey Sazonov for being all-rounder cool chap.