Conversation between Shadaab Kadri and Vishal J. Singh

June 24, 2019

@vishaljsingh and @kadman6 talks about new album IV, band chemistry, collaboration with Vishal’s mother Kasturi Nath Singh, making music for yourself vs. commercially, fear of judgement and many more important topics in this conversation.

Writing Process – 0:40 His hate for the word evolve – 6:10 Compatibility between band members – 8:40 Making music for yourself v/s commercially – 14:26 Fear of judgement – 18:56 Singles v/s Albums – 27:40 Fighting your demons – 34:22 Featuring his mother in the album – 40:58 Advice to younger musicians – 44:33

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IV.I and IV.II Limited edition Cassette Tapes by f0gdiver Records (California, USA)

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