Third Eye Awakening (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) + Pre-order IV Part 2

April 21, 2019

-Track Credits-

Derick Gomes : Electronics, Sampling, Sound Design
Andrey Sazonov : Piano, Prepared String Instrument, Violin
Tom Geldschlager : 7 string Fretless Guitar, Turkish Oud
Vishal J.Singh : Electric Guitar, Prepared string instrument, Drums and Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Brasses and Horns Orchestration/Arrangement.

Ancient traditional Assamese “Borgeet” (Paavey Pori Hori), originally written by Guru Sankardev, sung by Kasturi Nath Singh

Music by Amogh Symphony
Song arranged by Vishal J.Singh and Derick Savio Gomes
Mixed and Mastered by Amogh Symphony

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“First song from the upcoming album IV(Part 2) in collaboration with my lovely mother Kasturi Nath Singh. Originally, A 500 years old “Borgeet” written by Assamese Guru Sankardev. Apart from possibilities of various interpretations, i would like to write one of them. “Third Eye Awakening”(lyrically) is about detachment from materialism while discovering inner spiritual power of self-healing and being able to find the reason of birth as a biological form on Earth. Metaphorically, it’s a woman who is going through pain and misery while learning about her existence which eventually gives biological formation of her Third Eye. The third eye awakening is not necessarily an actual eye on forehead. Instead of believing everything that is written in ancient texts it is the self-study of consciousness that liberates the mind, body and the soul. One simply cannot force somebody to find his/her spiritual form. It has nothing to do with religion, caste or anything as such. It is not necessary to become “sage”, to live in mountains and to disconnect from the world. The term detachment is often misunderstood when “Involvement” is mentioned. Without involvement, there is no spiritual reformation and without detachment, there is no realization of the existence of karmic cycle(you think above your physical form). Third Eye’s awakening is basically how you are able to see every small and bigger things at some point of time in your life where you do not feel ashamed to express yourself through art.” – Vishal J.Singh


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