(Everything is now) In the eye of the sun – Music Video – Directed by Niranjan Raghu

April 13, 2019

Artist: Amogh Symphony
Song: (Everything is now) In the eye of the sun
Album: IV (Part 1)
Label: Vmbrella
Release Date: 7th May 2019
Pre-order link: Amogh Symphony Bandcamp

– “In the eye of the sun” Credits –

Derick Savio Gomes: Background Vocals, Electronics, Synth, Drum Machine, Sampling, Sound Design
Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger: Fretless Electric Guitar, Turkish Oud
Andrey Sazonov: Keys, Prepared String Instrument w/ Violin Bow
Vishal J Singh: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass, Sound Design

-Guest Musicians-

Indian Tabla performed by Writam Changkakoti
Ancient Traditional Assamese “Pepa” performed by Deep Saikia

Song written by Amogh Symphony

Song arranged by Vishal J.Singh and Derick Gomes

Mixed and Mastered by Amogh Symphony

Niranjan R is a Bengaluru based 3D Art/Avant-Garde filmmaker who makes short motion poems that explore the human nature and extraneous ideology. He is also a music composer, sound designer and producer.
– Film Credits –

Conceptualized by Vishal J.Singh and Niranjan R

Written and Directed by Niranjan S A and Niranjan R

Cast (in order of appearance): Tanvi Thimmaya
Nevin Reuben
Shalaka Pai
Samael Ebenezer

Principal Cinematography: Ashutosh Sheelavanth

Editing: Niranjan R and Niranjan S A

3D Lead: Niranjan R

Colour Grade: Niranjan S A

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