Amogh Symphony releases a new 2 minutes sampler/teaser of upcoming album IV with Album art

April 24, 2018


Hey guys,

It’s been a while since we put our last update on “IV”. Here it is – sampler II of “IV”. To watch the video, click on any of these two links:

FB link to “IV” second teaser:

Youtube link to “IV” second teaser:

The news is – We are currently working on our debut conceptual music video, in collaboration with two young genius Art-film makers / Visual Developers / Lighting Artists from India. There is a bigger news related to this but we are just waiting for the right time to disclose. The music video of one of the tracks from IV will be released in May 2018

Amogh Symphony:

Derick Savio Gomes : Electronics, Synth, Bass synthesizer, Sound design, Ukulele, Lead Vocals, Lyrics.
Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger : Fretless guitar, Oud, Backing Vocals.
Andrey Sazonov : Piano, E-Piano, Synth, prepared string instruments, Violin, Woodwinds, Electronics, Organ.
Vishal J Singh : Drums, Guitar, Ethnic guitar, Guitar synthesizer, Lead Vocals, Lyrics.


Kasturi Nath Singh : Traditional ethnic vocals
Writam Changkakoti: Tabla
Deep Saikia: Pepa (Traditional Assamese Wind instrument)
Sean Reinert (That’s right!): Guest drum performance

Album artwork: Saloni Sinha Artwork

Track-list Artwork: Derick Savio Gomes

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