Amogh Symphony releases “previously unreleased” tracks

August 19, 2015

Stream and download our exclusive single “Sōru no dansu” on YT and Bandcamp
Bandcamp link:


Jim Richman: Drums
Vishal J. Singh: Guitar, Synth.
Andrey Sazonov: Woodwinds, Synth.
Chris Barretto: Sax.
Shankar Das: Shehnai
One of the soundchecks/mic testings of Jim’s drums during making of our third album “Vectorscan”.
Youtube link:


Another lost/unlisted track from previous album.
Youtube link:

The “Mohor Pepa” instrument in this song was performed by Belated Nabajyoti (R.I.P). Its actually a traditional Assamese Pipe/Wind instrument.


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