September 28, 2014

“TOL : What goes in your mind when you write or produce music with others(Bollywood, collaboration with other musicians, jingles etc)? Can you briefly explain?

Vishal : I just mix and match creative ideas when I work with others. As in, when I play guitars in a song of collaboration, I play what the song needs. Not over the top, not less, but medium. If the artist want to go crazy, I will go crazy too in the song. It’s like hanging out with different types of people. In Amogh Symphony… me, Jim and Andrey match our levels of madness….ummm…illusion image is like thrashing a hotel.”

Temple of Lunar:

“Though I am pretty sure anybody who liked earlier Amogh Symphony albums (Abolishing the Obsolete System, The Quantum Hack Code) will purely dislike the new album.” – Vishal’s interview with Siddharth Basrur about their post rock collaboration.

Soundtree Magazine:

This album is more like a soundtrack to a movie rather than a ‘regular’ album. When you watch movies, you’re not after details. You need the atmosphere and the idea. And we’re delivering both.” – Andrey Sazonov

Vectorscan is the polar opposite of TQHC.  And also there are jazz, 10% metal, lo-fi electronic, etc. etc. But all in a background music score or soundtrack format.” – Jim Richman

Marunouchi Muzik Magazine, Japan:

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