Track #10 feat. Manas Chowdhary from upcoming album VECTORSCAN available on Soundcloud stream now

August 11, 2014

Track # 10  “Weather report, shortening of days, change their minds, clash of rays” featuring Manas Chowdhary from upcoming album VECTORSCAN available on Soundcloud stream.

Last week to pre-order at

Manas Chowdhary

Manas is a renowned and an incredibly versatile session bassist and a great friend who’ve worked, collaborated with innumerable fantastic artists such as Mohit Chauhan, Joi Barua, Trilok Gurtu and many more. Manas is also a fantastic composer.

Track #10 featuring Manas Chowdhary on electric bass and fretless/microtonal bass (panned towards right).

Vishal J.Singh – Fretted electric bass and synth bass (panned towards left), synthesizer and microtonal E.Piano.

Weather report in Russian, soundscapes, synthesizer, accordion and string orchestration by Andrey Sazonov.

Drums by Jim Richman.

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