Amogh Symphony’s new album MASTERING DONE!!

June 25, 2014

The 3rd Amogh Symphony has been mastered. And it is safe to say that it is FINISHED. I have listened to it many times on multiple systems and it sounds insane.

All of you who were afraid of it being brickwalled — there is no need to worry. We have maximum dynamic range at a level that is good enough to crank your system and make it loud and clear.

I have never been more excited (or excited at all) about anything I have ever done with my drums and mastering.

In our next post, we will update with sampler, pre-order and more.

Sincerely, Jim



“Talking about production, the overall mix of this album has a time
machine influence – From 1940s Record player/LP production to 2014
modern production. Lots of bit reduction and Low-Fi and analog tape
saturation with glossy modern prog rock and electronic sound. You can
say it’s a concrete joint experimental effort by a team of
multi-instrumentalists, poet, ethnic singers, storyboard writer and
sound engineers from different backgrounds of music and cinema.”

- Vishal’s response to Metalbase India