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Why pre-order date and official release date of “IV” aren’t announced yet?

September 2, 2018

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Message to all the Amogh symphony fans. Answers to few questions from inbox.

Talking about our new album “IV”, I know it’s been delayed more than 2 times. We released 3 teasers so far(and one single). We are really sorry for pushing the release date further. As you guys know already – we’ve always been an independent band. This time, we are giving a shot to a decent record label and PR company who can help us in distributing the music properly as our super tight schedules doesn’t allow us anymore to do anything else apart from writing and producing music(took us 3 years to finish IV).

It took me years to find multi-instrumentalists who are also expert multi-genre producers with experience in music industry. We four have completely different skills of musicianship. So there is an equal understanding as we do not generate income from live shows/tour but we make revenues from commercial music market. I consider myself lucky to find Andrey Sazonov, Derick Savio Gomes and Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger. I cannot guarantee about the tour at the moment but we will see if we can manage it. The thing is – my core band members are irreplaceable. With all due respect to my extremely talented experimental musician brothers from US/UK?Asia, finding a session member equivalent to Derick, Tom and Andrey is nearly impossible. Also, we four belong to 4 different corners of the world. Hence, our expenses to get us on board for gigs/tour is way higher than other bands. BUT…you never know. ;)

I can definitely guarantee all the ATOS, TQHC and Vectorscan fans that you guys will love IV. We are collaborating with two super amazing film-makers this time and we cannot wait to share this with you all.

Please no crowdfunding, no paid views, no paid likes. IF you like it, you buy it. Last but not the least, million thanks to all the guys and girls who regularly purchase our music from Bandcamp. Thank you so much. I have no words to express. I remember, in 2013, i was surviving on online sales. That’s insane, right?

Expect concept music videos/films, instructional videos, tab books, new merchandise and a short documentary about how all of these things happened.

Lots of love.


Truly yours

Vishal J.Singh

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Important Announcement : Amogh Symphony is not performing in UK Tech-Fest this time

April 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you guys, especially our beautiful friends and fans from UK, that we are not playing UK Tech-Fest this time due to unfortunate circumstances. We are still very very interested to play our set to all you beautiful people out there but the overall cost, quotation and expenses are not in our favor at the moment. We’d like to give a big shout out to the amazing organizers of UK Tech-Fest for being really nice, understanding, helpful and kind to us and in future, we are looking forward to take this great friendship to the next level. This cancellation has been confirmed mutually with understanding from both the parties and we are looking forward to work together very soon.

More updates coming soon. Love you guys.


Vishal, Derick, Tom and Andrey

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Vishal J Singh – Singles(A compilation of Vishal’s solo project songs)

April 24, 2018

Vishal J.Singh - Singles

Vishal J.Singh – Singles


Hey guys,

I present you, Singles. Basically some are new songs and some are old ones. Includes my remix versions of two songs. Hope you guys like it. If you like it, please do buy it.

Beautiful photography/art by my close friend and a fantastic photographer – Dilip Nair.

Bandcamp Link to “Singles” :


I will put more songs in this album, in future.